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Bronson 2 Carbon


Two decades of evolution at Santa Cruz brought us here. An entirely new frame, new wheel size and new perspective on what a 6” travel bike can conquer.

Bronson is not some rehashed 27.5" tribute act to anything else in our range. With a 67° head angle and 150mm travel yet massive uphill capability, Bronson screamed onto the scene like a Group B rally car for the Syndicate’s Enduro World Series campaign.


Bronson 2 C  R-AM  $3599.99

Bronson 2 C  S-AM  $4699.99

Bronson 2 CC XO-AM  $6599.99







5010 2 CARBON


5010 pushes further into the realms of 27.5” possibilities.

Developed using what we learned from Bronson, the comparatively lower bottom bracket height, shorter chainstays and 125mm of VPP travel give 5010 its snappy, nimble, ride.

Responsibly offered in Mountain Rescue Orange, a 68° head angle and 6lb frame weight adds climbing agility into the equation, defining 5010 as the tool for that back country mission you’ve always planned.



5010 2 R-AM Kit $3599.99

5010 2 S-AM Kit $4699.99

5010 2 XO-AM Kit $6599.99












Tallboy 2


Big Wheels Roll

Combining the acclaimed performance and durability of the latest VPP suspension with a sophisticated carbon fiber chassis and a set of big 29” wheels, we present the Tallboy. The curvaceous carbon fiber frame is more than just a pretty face: it offers amazing stiffness and strength while keeping weight feathery light. That, plus 100mm of rear wheel travel paired with fast rolling large diameter wheels spells out one thing: Long Haul Trucker.

Tallboy 2 CC  XO-XC  $5999.99

Tallboy 2 C S-XC  $3949.99

Tallboy AL  R-XC  $2849.99